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Stitch Down into Place

How to Order Your Comforter's Down Stitched into Place - Having a down comforter sewn into squares to keep the down in place, cannot be ordered online.  See the prices listed at the bottom of the page or contact us for a price estimate before mailing it to us.

Before we start sewing, we can add 700 to 800-fill power goose down to your comforter to make it warmer or, remove some down to make it cooler. If this sounds like something you would like to order, describe your current down comforter, and how it differs from the comforter of your dreams.

SUGGESTION: It may help to read the Down Comforter Fill Weights page for more information. 

When mailing your comforter to us, print out this order form, fill it in and include it in the box with your comforter. You may want to write more details on an additional piece of paper.

We will contact you when we receive your down comforter to discuss the details of your order and to give you a final price quote. You are under no obligation to place an order; however, we will charge you for the return shipping. 

We Will Wash Your Down Comforter Before Working on It - We require that we wash your down comforter before we work on it to protect your and other customers' comforters, with an additional charge for deodorizing or spot cleaning.

Mailing Your Down Item to Us

Using a Retail Shipping Service - Bring your down item in a plastic bag, plus your All About Down® order form or a letter, to a retail shipping service. They will sell you a box and tape, and you can package it there or they will do the packaging for you. 

Using the Online U.S. Post Office's Click-n-Ship Service - Go to and follow their directions. The U.S.P.S. is the most economical way to mail an over-sized package.

Top-Stitch Down Comforter                         $45 - $125 (depending on its size)
Labor Cost to Add Down $50 - $160 
700 – 800 Fill Power Goose Down  $7 / oz
Remove Down $45 - $125
Cleaning Down Comforter  ̶  Crib, Lap or Throw Size  $29
Cleaning Down Comforter  ̶  Euro or Twin Size $36
Cleaning Down Comforter  ̶  Full or Queen Size $39
Cleaning Down Comforter  ̶  King Size $44
Deodorizing Enzyme Treatment  $13 extra
Spot Cleaning $5 – 15 extra
Down Comforter  ̶  Crib through Twin Size $15
Down Comforter  ̶  Full through King Size­­­ $19