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About Us

Jack Sukalac, owner All About Down®

Jack Sukalac, owner of All About Down®, has been manufacturing goose down comforters and pillows, plus cleaning, re-covering and repairing them, for 40+ years. He is The Down Specialist! 


Business Philosophy - Jack Sukalac creates down comforters and pillows, both new and renewed, that are both practical and beautiful. His attention to details of construction creates long lasting, high quality, European-style down comforters and pillows. He believes in educating customers so they can make an informed buying decision.  

Luxury at an Affordable Price - All About Down® comforters and down pillows are the cost effective choice because Jack is both manufacturer and retailer.

Made in the U.S.A. - All About Down® comforters, down pillows and duvet covers are made in the upper left-hand corner of the U.S. in the Pacific Northwest.

Ultra Clean Goose Down - All About Down® new comforters and pillows contain ultra clean goose down that's washed eight to 15 times and exceeds standards of purity. 

Ethically Sourced Goose Down - Our goose down is third-party certified to be humanely gathered. It conforms to the best animal welfare standards and is not live-plucked. Additionally, our goose down is constantly audited to ensure accurate labeling, and cleaned in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

Recycle, Re-use, Refurbish and Renew - Just as our renovation and washing services offer you the opportunity to recycle and renew, All About Down® also practices these principles. We reuse paper and plastic as many times as is practical, then recycle them. All fabric yardage is used for multiple purposes so that barely a scrap remains. Finally, unwanted yet still good condition pillows and comforters are donated to a non-profit that furnishes low-cost housing for persons transitioning out of homelessness. All About Down® cares about our customers, our community and our environment. 

Our Products Speak for Themselves - Customers start by outfitting their house with All About Down® comforters and down pillows. Then they miss the comfort when they are away from home — so they outfit their boat or RV or cabin (and for a select few, even their jet)! They give All About Down® comforters and pillows to their children or grandchildren so they will be cozy and comfortable too. They give All About Down® comforters and pillows for wedding gifts or birthday gifts, and for some lucky students, their college dorm rooms. They refer friends and neighbors to All About Down®….until it seems amazing that everyone doesn't have an All About Down® comforter.