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Send your down comforters, pillows, down jackets and sleeping bags to the environmentally friendly, fragrance-free cleaning service at All About Down®. Don’t trust just anyone to clean your precious down. Our 40+ years of experience make us the "The Down Specialists”! 

Clean and Pristine - All About Down® uses a specially formulated, extra-mild soap to gently yet thoroughly wash down items. We then dry them on low heat with "down fluffers" to restore the goose down's natural loft. To protect and preserve your goose down and your health, our pure and natural cleaning process never uses harsh chemicals or dry cleaning fluid. Read more on how to order services. 

Animal Accidents - We can wash a soiled comforter with an enzyme solution that effectively neutralizes the animal smell. The animal tends to re-offend in the same spot if down items are washed only with soap or detergent. Rinse a pet accident and rush it to us before it dries. Stains can't always be removed.

Down Comforters - Have us wash your down comforter only as necessary, about once every two to three years. However, you may want to launder it more frequently if you have allergies or if it becomes soiled.

Down Pillows - Have us wash every one to three years to freshen it, restore the down’s natural loft, and reduce dust. 

Down Jackets, Vests and Sleeping Bags - Have us wash your down jacket or sleeping bag as needed to remove dirt and campfire smell. If they have to be patched, it will add to the cost. We will quote you a price before doing any work. For a small extra charge, we can scrub areas of your sleeping bag or jacket that are particularly soiled. Stains can’t always be removed.

Sleeping Bags Can Require Extra Care - If your sleeping bag is especially dirty or is covered in a semipermeable fabric such as Gore-Tex®, it will need to be washed twice to get it completely clean. Washing a sleeping bag always carries the small risk of the baffles pulling out if they weren’t sturdily constructed.

Do-It-Yourself Washing - Order the same specially formulated soap that All About Down® uses to wash your own down item. The soap preserves the down's protective oils and is fragrance free.