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Down-Proof Fabric

Rolled up down comforter showing close-up of cream colored, down-proof fabricThe down-proof fabric on All About Down® comforters is finely woven, Egyptian cotton that we import from Germany where they have been making down products for generations. This fabric is manufactured in accordance with stringent European standards for purity and quality. An All About Down® comforter is your personal cloud of comfort!

All About Down® Comforters Are Covered With 218-THREAD COUNT FABRIC - The standard down-proof fabric on All About Down® comforters is a medium-weight, 218-thread count, cambric weave ticking. It's light enough to allow the goose down to loft to its maximum height, but also sturdy enough to last for many years with proper care. This soft, closely woven fabric is the ideal combination of lightness and durability, and is available in a variety of colors. It is our preferred choice for a down comforter.

"Shocking" Thread Count Secrets Revealed - Thread count alone is not a guide to quality, and does not guarantee if a fabric is down-proof. Since consumers tend to equate a high thread count with high quality, consumers may find ever-higher numbers in the marketplace, but these are created by counting one double-strand thread as two threads and similar stratagems. This can have the unfortunate result of comforters covered in fabric that isn't down-proof. 

How Can You Tell If a Comforter Has Down-Proof Fabric? - A reputable merchant such as All About Down®, that both manufactures and sells down comforters, will stand by its product. Four crucial factors make a fabric down proof: thread count PLUS thread size, fabric finish, and whether or not each thread is woven.  Additionally, quality down-proof fabric does not come at a bargain price. 

Goose-Down Dust Bunnies Are Cute, but Do You Want Them in Your Bedroom? - Down-proof fabric is important. Without it, your valuable goose down will escape. Think you’ve vacuumed it all up? Goose-down dust bunnies will accumulate just out of sight, only to reappear when you least expect them.

More Down-Proof Fabrics Are Available From All About Down® Comforters by Special Order   Contact us
257-THREAD COUNT FABRIC - This lighter-weight Egyptian cotton, cambric weave fabric is a finer weave than our standard 218-thread count fabric. It makes an All About Down® comforter that much lighter and breathable, especially when combined with our Summer Weight fill weight. This fabric is sturdy enough for years of use.

348-THREAD COUNT FABRIC - This Egyptian cotton, batiste fabric is tissue thin, yet still down-proof. It makes a whisper-light All About Down® comforter, especially when combined with our 800 to 900-fill weight goose down. Because of the delicate threads used to create its fine weave, it has the silkiest feel. It comes at a premium price.

226-THREAD COUNT TWILL FABRIC - This heavyweight, down and feather-proof, Egyptian cotton fabric offers maximum durability for hard use. The weight of this twill weave fabric won’t allow the goose down in an All About Down® comforter to loft as much. Special-order it if you like to sleep under a heavy comforter, want one to contain a feather/down mix, or want a comforter to withstand vigorous handling by children or pets.

An All About Down® Comforter Deserves an All About Down® Duvet Cover - Keep your down comforter clean and pristine with a perfectly fitting duvet cover from All About Down®. Ours are available in a stunningly wide range of colors, but if you don't see the one you want, we can make a custom duvet cover from two bed sheets that you send us. Contact us.