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Down Comforter Repair

Down flying through the air? Don't despair. Sometimes all a down comforter needs is a little “tune up” from the repair service at All About Down®. We offer a variety of options to make your comforter as good as new. 

Print out this order form, fill it in, and include in the box with your comforter. When we receive your package, we will contact you to discuss your order and give you a firm price.

Adding or Subtracting Down from a Comforter - Use our Down Comforter Fill Weights chart to help you describe to us the kind of down comforter you want, especially in comparison to your existing comforter.

If your down comforter is securely stitched into sewn-through squares, we cannot always add or remove down. We will have to see it before we know. 

Do You Want a Warmer Down Comforter? - Ask yourself: Do I want to sleep warmer than I did before? Are there bare spots that need to be filled in, even when the down is patted out? If you answer "yes", we can add more high quality, 700 to 800 fill-power goose down to your comforter. Afterwards, if necessary, we can top-stitch the comforter into squares sealing the down into place.

Do You Want a Cooler Down Comforter?Too hot at night? All About Down® can remove down from your entire comforter, or on a single side to accommodate one overly warm sleeper. Once we’ve subtracted the down, we will bag it up for you at no extra charge to take home, or use it to make something else. We do not buy used down.

We Require You to Have Us Wash Your Comforter Before We Work on It - We have several reasons for the washing requirement. We want to keep our All About Down® work space clean to protect your and other customers' comforter, and we want our workers to work on a clean product. Additionally, washing fluffs up the existing down in your comforter. 

Patching Holes In a Down Comforter - All About Down® sews fabric over holes or rips in your comforter to create a sturdy patch that will hold up to washing and everyday wear. We try to match the original fabric as closely as possible, but you will be able to see where the patch was applied. However, it won't show when the comforter is inside of a duvet cover. We can also replace any goose down that you may have lost through the hole. If there are many, widely scattered holes, we suggest that you re-cover your down comforter instead of patching it.

Down Comforter Too Small?All About Down® enlarges a down comforter by adding a panel to one side. Though we try to match the fabric and stitching, you will be able to see the addition, but it won’t be apparent inside the duvet cover.

Down Comforter Too Large? - Before having your down comforter trimmed, try placing it in the duvet cover. A down comforter should be at least 10" larger than a duvet cover for a snug fit. If you still want a smaller comforter, we will trim it and the cut side will have a small roll hem.

When Altering the Size of Your Down Comforter - Before working on your comforter, All About Down® will give you an approximate cost of making it larger or smaller. Have the following information ready:

  • The measurements of the duvet cover you plan to use... OR
  • The area on your bed that you want your down comforter to cover if you don’t plan to use a duvet cover. It will look flatter without the duvet cover to contain it.
  • The current measurements of your down comforter. Obtain those by pulling your down comforter out tight and measuring it from corner to corner.

    What Will the Repair Cost? - Repairs are priced on an individual basis and can't be ordered online. Call or email All About Down® and we can give you an approximate quote. We will give you an exact quote once we see the project. Print out a Services Order Form, fill it out and include it in the box when you mail us your down comforter. We will contact you when we receive your comforter to give you a price quote. You are under no obligation to place an order; however, we will charge you for the return shipping.

    Can I Send My Synthetic Comforter for Repair or Cleaning? - All About Down® only works on down comforters.