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Custom Orders

Interior of handsome, wood paneled RV bedroom with 2 bunk bedsThe world is not a standardized place! All About Down® makes custom down comforters, pillows, pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets. This does not cost you more because we are both manufacturer and retailer.

All custom work is made with the same high standards and attention to detail as our standard products, and is priced on an individual basis.

Custom orders cannot be ordered online. Contact us, give us all the details, and we will give you a cost estimate. We do not make custom down clothing.

All About Down® does not accept returns of custom orders, but we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Let Your Fancy Take Flight! - All About Down® can make a custom down comforter that fits unusual-shaped beds (such as RV’s or v-berths in boats), or mattresses of varying thicknesses, European linens and more. 

Have a Challenging Pillow Situation? - If you’re seeking a special size pillow, look no further. Special-order any size pillow that you want. They can be filled with the same, high-lofting goose down that we use in our down comforters, down/feather mixes or feathers. 

Duvet Covers for Hard-to-Fit Comforters - All About Down® can make a custom size duvet cover. Because down comforters are amazingly variable, there is no “one size fits all.” We don't make duvet covers from fabric. 

Re-use Your Down to Save Money and the Environment - We can use goose down in good condition from an old comforter or sleeping bag to make pillows or comforters. The goose down should be fluffy and lightweight. Heavy, lumpy down is either worn out or contains feathers — it shouldn’t be used. Sometimes a used down/feather mix in good condition can be put in pillows. Let our experience guide you.