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Do-It-Yourself Washing

Green puffy down jacket on snowy background

  • Use care when handling your wet down item. The down can absorb a lot of water, and the weight of wet down can pull apart stitching or baffles.
  • Use a large, front-load washing machine and dryer.
  • Wash with soap formulated for use with down to preserve its protective oils. We don't recommend using detergent. Pre-treat especially soiled areas such as cuffs by scrubbing with a soft brush and a small extra amount of soap.
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  • Rinse your down item thoroughly. Goose down that is coated with soap residue will mat into clumps.
  • Dry on low heat for several hours. The fabric can scorch if it is dried on too high of a heat. Every thirty minutes, take your item out, pat out the clumps, and rearrange it within the dryer. Put clean tennis balls in the dryer to help beat out the clumps.
  • Dry the goose down completely. Although your down item may feel dry to the touch, run it a little longer in the dryer than you think necessary. Goose down can mildew from the inside out even if it is only barely damp.
  • Remember, you can always send your down item to All About Down® to have it professionally washed.