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Down Pillows

Fluffy cream down pillow with a white goose

Rest assured that an All About Down® pillow will be there for you night after night. Our pillows contain the same superior quality, high lofting goose down as our comforters, and re covered with superior down-proof fabric. This, combined with five fill weights and our unique adjustment service, creates a pillow to dream on. With an All About Down® pillow, you can relax…and isn’t that what having a pillow is all about?

Prevent the Great Escape!The precious goose down in an All About Down® pillow won't leak through our Egyptian cotton, twill weave, down-proof fabric. We import this durable yet lightweight fabric of exceptional quality from Germany because it is the best that’s available. Additionally, all seams are internally double-stitched to keep the down securely inside

What Is Fill Power and Why Is It Important? - Fill power is the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down fills. A pillow containing high fill power down will be softer and last longer than a pillow filled with a lower fill power down. An All About Down® pillow contains the same superior, 700 to 800 fill-power goose down that we put in our comforters. This down will maintain its resiliency long after lower quality down wears out.

Just Right at Night - No more tossing and turning. An assortment of pillows with different fill weights give you options. Combine pillows for more support when reading or side sleeping. Have softer pillows to fine tune the angle of your back or head or to provide extra cushioning where needed. An array of pillows provides an attractive look of abundance on your bed. Custom pillows can be ordered at no extra charge.

The Perfect Angle of Repose - If you buy a new pillow from All About Down® and find that you want it softer or firmer, we will add or remove down from your pillow one time at no charge. We call this our "Comfort Guarantee". We charge a small fee for each adjustment we make after the first one. There will be an additional cost if we add goose down or feathers. We do not buy the down that we remove from your pillow. We can use it to make another down product or will return it to you. 

Pillow Protectors Keep a Pillow Clean and Pristine - Order two pillow protectors at the same time you order each All About Down® pillow so it is never uncovered for one minute! Two per pillow is recommended. They will keep your pillow clean, and extend its life by absorbing nightly wear. Our white, down-proof, 100% cotton pillow protectors are more substantial than most. Custom size pillow protectors are available.

Every one to three years, send your pillow to the expert cleaning service at All About Down®. We will wash it in environmentally-friendly, fragrance-free soap to keep your pillow clean and fresh.

All About Down® Pillows - Five Fill Weights

A Whisper of a PillowFLAT FILL WEIGHT - Doesn’t change the angle of your head, making it good for people who find most pillows to be too supportive. It is quite light and flat. Use it folded in half or rolled up for more substance.

Pillow Puffery - LIGHT FILL WEIGHT - Good for sleepers with stiff necks because it does not change the angle of the head. Use on top of a Medium Fill Weight pillow to provide extra support for reading or watching television.

Dreaming on a Cloud - MEDIUM FILL WEIGHT - Supremely comfortable for the average sleeper as it cradles your head in downy softness. It provides enough support for sleeping on your side when folded in half when it is substantive enough to sleep on your side. 

Provides Constant Support - SUPPORTIVE FILL WEIGHT - Good for the sleeper who likes his head angled slightly upwards when sleeping. Too firm for the average person, but suitable for side sleepers.

Solid and Dependable - FIRM FILL WEIGHT - Extremely supportive. Its motto: "Lean on me." Good for reading, watching television, or other situations when you want to be propped up. Much too firm for the average person to sleep on, but ideal for side sleepers. 

12" x 16"
3 oz.
4 oz.
5 oz.
6 oz.
15" x 20"
6 oz.
8 oz.
10 oz.
12 oz.
20" x 26"
8 oz.
12 oz.
14 oz.
16 oz.
22 oz.
20"x 30"
9 oz.
14 oz.
16 oz.
20 oz.
27 oz.
20" x 36"
12 oz.
17 oz.
20 oz.
26 oz.
36 oz.
26"x 26"
19 oz.
24 oz.
29 oz.
30"x 30"
25 oz.
33 oz.
40 oz.


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