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Two hands holding white goose downGoose down is the insulation that nature designed! An All About Down® comforter contains high quality, 700 to 800 fill-power goose down that creates a light, puffy comforter with the highest loft for the least weight. Our goose down meets the highest standards of animal welfare. It’s a cold, cold world out there but not if you are sleeping under a warm, warm All About Down® comforter

What Is Fill Power and Why Is It Important? - Fill power is the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down fills. Our superior, 700 to 800 fill-power goose down means that a comforter will be warmer, puffier and last longer than one containing a lower fill-power down, while a pillow will be softer and last longer. Our down will maintain its resiliency long after lower quality down wears out.

Is White Goose Down Better Than Gray Goose Down? - Goose down is white or gray (as are geese) but color does not indicate quality. All About Down® uses the best goose down that's available. For customers who have a preference, white goose down is always available.

Ethically Sourced Goose Down - Our goose down is third-party certified to be humanely gathered and conform to the best animal welfare standards. The down is not live-plucked. Additionally, our goose down is constantly audited to ensure accurate labeling, and cleaned in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

All Goose Down Contains Some Feathers - Because it is impossible to extract 100% of the feathers, our goose down contains about 5% very small, undetectable feathers indistinguishable from large pieces of down. In contrast, bargain down comforters can contain up to 25% feathers, making a comforter that contain quills that can poke you. 

Ultra Clean Down - We prefer the term "ultra clean" to "hypoallergenic" since the latter strays into medical terminology. We state with confidence that our goose down always exceeds measurable standards of purity. Our ultra clean goose down is washed ­8 to 15 times. When covered with our tightly woven, down-proof fabric, our down comforters have been successfully used by allergy sufferers without adverse reactions.

Eider Down-Filled Comforters - Comforters of exceptional quality filled with rare and precious eider down are available from All About Down® for a premium price. These comforters must be special-ordered. If you are interested, contact us for a price quote.

Eider down comforters are perfect for the person who values the unique luxuries of life, or for the individual who wants to treat sentient beings with utmost respect because the down is hand gathered from nests that the eider ducks abandon once their chicks are raised. Eider down is coffee colored, and will slightly darken a comforter covered in white or cream fabric. However, the darker tint is not apparent when the comforter is covered with a duvet cover.

Peaceful Coexistence Between Human Beings and Wild Eider Ducks - The wild Eider duck lives in fiercely cold northern latitudes, spending most of its life bobbing on the frigid ocean. In spring and early summer, female eider ducks leave the sea to lay their eggs, returning to the same nest year after year. All About Down® gets its Eider down from Iceland where the Eider duck “farmers” create nesting areas that are tranquil and appealing, protecting these sites from dogs and other predators. The wild ducks will allow these humans from whom they’ve never known harm to approach quite closely.

Eider down is expensive because it can take up to 85 nests to make a down comforter, but it is a rare and wonderful example of the peaceful coexistence of a wild creature and humankind for the benefit of both.