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Custom Duvet Covers

How to Order a Custom Duvet Cover - All About Down® makes duvet covers only from sheets. Send us flat sheets the same size or one size larger than your down comforter. We cannot make duvet covers from fitted sheets.

Flannel Sheets - Flannel sheets will shrink. Buy them one size larger and wash them before sending them to us, smoothing or ironing them to eliminate wrinkles. We will make king size flannel Duvet Covers as large as we can.

Print out this order form, fill it in and include it in the box with your sheets when you mail them to us. 

SUGGESTION - Read our Custom Duvet Cover page for more information about how we make Duvet Covers and your options.

What Size Sheets Should You Buy? - See the chart at the bottom of this page for guidance.

Still Have Questions? -  Contact us with the measurements of your proposed duvet cover at hand. 

Custom Duvet Covers

50" x 60" or smaller Requires 2 flat twin sheets $45 
64" x 82" or smaller Requires 2 flat twin sheets $60
64" x 92" or smaller Requires 2 flat queen sheets $63
88" x 92" or smaller Requires 2 flat queen sheets $70
104" x 92" or smaller Requires 2 flat king sheets $79
112" x 96" or smaller Requires 4 flat king sheets
(the price varies because sheet patterns may have to be matched)
100" x 96" or smaller Requires 2 flat king sheets $79
                        RETURN SHIPPING
One Duvet Cover  $14
More than one Duvet Cover  TBD


Save on Shipping! - If you want All About Down® to make a duvet cover from your sheets, save 20-40% on the cost of mailing them to us. Give us the box dimensions, address, phone number and email address. Knowing the approximate weight of your box is helpful but less important. You will receive a shipping label from FedEx which you are free to use or discard. You can print it at home and tape it on your box, or take your box to a FedEx office where they can scan your phone and print a label for you. You will not be charged until we return your comforter. (We do not sell your information or use it for a mailing list.)

Other Shipping Options - Of course, we accept packages from all shipping services including U.S. Postal Service, UPS or your own FedEx label.