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How to Order Cleaning - Having a down item cleaned at All About Down® cannot be ordered online. You will have to mail it to us. Print out this order form, fill it in and include it in the box with your comforter, pillow, sleeping bag, coat, or vest when you mail it to us. 

We will contact you when we receive your down item to discuss the details of your order and to give you a final price quote. You are under no obligation to place an order; however, we will charge you for the return shipping. 

How We Clean Down Items - The specialized cleaning service of All About Down® will gently freshen and restore your down comforter, pillow, sleeping bag, coat, or vest with a unscented soap specially formulated for washing goose down. For a small additional cost, we can scrub areas that are particularly soiled or wash a pet accident with an enzyme solution that neutralizes the animal smell. 

Repairs: All About Down® also offers non-cleaning services to make your down comforter or pillow as good as new. We can add down to comforters, patch holes, re-cover them, and stitch the down into place. We can add down to pillows, and re-cover them.

Sleeping Bags: If you send us a sleeping bag that is especially dirty or covered in a semipermeable fabric such as Gore-Tex®, it will need to be washed twice to get it completely clean.

Mailing Your Down Item to Us

Using a Retail Shipping Service - Bring your down item in a plastic bag, plus your All About Down® order form or a letter, to a retail shipping service. They will sell you a box and tape, and you can package it there or they will do the packaging for you. 

Using the Online U.S. Post Office's Click-n-Ship Service - Go to and follow their directions. The U.S.P.S. is the most economical way to mail an over-sized package. 

Cleaning Down Comforter - Crib, Lap or Throw Size $29
Cleaning Down Comforter - Euro or Twin Size $36
Cleaning Down Comforter - Full or Queen Size $39
Cleaning Down Comforter - King Size $44
Cleaning Sleeping Bag $39 - 52
Cleaning Down Coat or Vest $25
Cleaning Feather or Wool Mattress Pad $45
Deodorizing Enzyme Treatment $13
Spot Cleaning $5 - 15
Down Comforter - Crib through Twin Size $15
Down Comforter - Full Through King Size $19
Sleeping Bag $19
Down Coat or Vest $15
Feather or Wool Mattress Pad $30