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Down Pillow Re-Covering

For some people, their pillow is more than just a pillow — it’s a friend that has supported their head after many a long and weary day. Now one of you is showing its age. When that happens, send your pillow to All About Down® for cleaning, re-covering and additional goose down. When we’ve finished, your pillow will smell sweeter, look cleaner, and feel puffier. Your ugly duckling of a pillow will have turned into a swan.

Same Exceptional Quality Materials as Our New Pillows - All About Down® re-covers pillows in our superior quality, down and feather-proof, Egyptian cotton twill fabric. If you want additional support than what you have now for your sleepy head, we can add our high lofting, 700 to 800 fill-power goose down to your pillow.

Protect Your Pillow - Order pillow protectors from us at the same time you buy your goose down pillow so it is never unprotected for one minute! Two per pillow is recommended.

Comfort Is Assured - If you renovate a pillow at All About Down® and find that you want it softer or firmer, we will add or remove down from your pillow one time at no charge. We call this our "Comfort Guarantee". We charge a small fee for each adjustment we make after the first one. There will be an additional cost if we add goose down or feathers. We do not buy the down that we remove from your pillow, but will return it to you for future use.

OPTION 1: Wash Your Pillow Without Replacing the FabricWash your pillow with our thorough, yet gentle and environmentally-friendly, cleaning service if you want it cleaner and slightly fluffier. For more support, add goose down.

OPTION 2: Wash Contents of a Pillow and Re-cover With New Down-Proof Fabric - If the pillow filling is in good condition but the fabric is worn out, we can wash the filling and put it into new down-proof  filling fabric. The down fluffs up 15-20% when it’s washed so don’t assume you have to add down, but many customers add ¼ pound goose down at this time.

OPTION 3: Add Goose Down or Fluffy Feathers to Your Pillow - Sometimes all a pillow needs is a little more filling for a little more fluffiness. If that is the case, adding ¼ pound goose down or feathers to a standard size pillow to help it feel like new. For larger sizes, we will add proportionately more. Order extra goose down for additional loft, or feathers for a firmness.