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Product Care

folded down comforter on which is a pile of pillows: pink, pale yellow and blueCaring for an All About Down® Comforter - Protect your down comforter by keeping it inside a removable duvet cover from All About Down®. It will keep the comforter clean and protect its down-proof fabric.

Freshen Your Down Comforter - 
Refresh and renew your down comforter by sending it to the cleaning service at All About Down® for washing every two to three years. However, you may want to launder it more frequently if you have allergies or if it becomes soiled. Consider airing out your down comforter by occasionally hanging it outside, but leave it inside the duvet cover for protection from sunlight or other potential mishaps.

Store a Down Comforter Loosely Folded, Not Compressed - Allow the goose down to loft even when it's not on your bed. Too much compression can damage the down and eventually decrease its loft. Don’t store your comforter in a sealed plastic bag because your down can mildew if any moisture remains inside.

Caring for an All About Down® Pillow - Have our cleaning service thoroughly, yet gently, wash your pillow every two to three years to keep it clean and fresh. Keep two pillow protectors from All About Down® on your pillow at all times to preserve it.

Our substantial, down-proof, 100% cotton pillow protectors will extend the life of your pillow by absorbing wear and keeping it clean. Order pillow protectors from us at the same time you buy your pillow, so your pillow is never uncovered for one minute! A badly stained pillow can seldom be restored to its like-new condition.

All About Down® Expertly Cleans and Restores - Our environmentally friendly, chemical and fragrance-free washing service cleans your down comforter and pillows, plus down jackets, vests and sleeping bags. To protect and preserve both your down and your health, our pure and natural cleaning process never uses detergent or harsh chemicals.

All About Down® Has 30+ Years of Cleaning Down Products - Be cautious about sending your valued down products elsewhere to be cleaned. Other establishments may not have as much experience in natural methods of cleaning goose down products as we do.

How to Order - Cleaning cannot be ordered online. Print out this order form, fill it out and include it in the box when you mail us your down item. We will call or email you when we receive your item.  Contact us first if you have questions.