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What Does Goose Down Fill Power Mean? - Fill power is the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down fills. All About Down® uses 700-800 fill power goose down because this high fill power goose down makes a comforter lighter, warmer and last longer than one filled with lower fill power down. 

Hypoallergenic Down - All About Down® new comforters and pillows contain extraordinarily clean goose down that's washed 8 to 15 times and exceeds standards of purity. Additionally our down-proof fabric is so tightly woven that it offers a measure of protection. Some people find that's enough. However, your potential allergic reaction is between you and your doctor, and no one can claim otherwise.

 More Goose Down Facts...

  • Because geese are white or light gray, so is their goose down. The color itself does not indicate quality. All About Down® uses the best goose down available, but if a customer prefers white goose down, it is always available for a small extra charge.
  • Feathers have quills but down does not. A feather lies flat whereas goose down's three-dimensional structure creates air pockets that act as a layer of insulation.
  • Eider down is "harvested" in Nordic countries by hand gathering the down left over in eider duck nests after the chicks have been raised. It is rare and expensive, can be identified because its dark brown color.