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Shipping to Us

 Packing Up Your Item to Be Cleaned or Repaired - Place your item in a protective plastic bag and place it in a box for shipping. It won't hurt the down to be compressed in transit. No need to use styrofoam peanuts or other padding.

Print out an order form for the services you are ordering, fill it in, and include it in your box. Order forms can be found in the "Ordering Services" section on the left hand of the web site. 

Where to Send - Ship to All About Down®, 352 N. 78th St., Seattle, WA 98103.

Save on Shipping - Send your item to us via your preferred carrier...


Save 20-40% on the cost of mailing a down comforter or pillow to All About Down®! Contact us with the following information: box dimensions, name, address, phone number and your email address. It is also helpful, but not necessary, to tell us the package weight. With this information, FedEx will email you a shipping label. You can either print it out and tape it on your box, or FedEx will scan the bar code on your phone and print a label for you at their store. We will charge you for the FedEx label when we return your item. (We do not sell your personal information or use it for a mailing list.)

When We Receive Your Package - We will contact you when your package is delivered, and give you a firm price. It will include the cost of services, shipping (including our FedEx label if you ordered it), and sales tax where applicable. If you decide not to place an order, we will return your item and charge you only for return shipping.