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Travel Pillows & More

Travel and Petite size pillowTraveling with your personal travel pillow from All About Down® saves you from unforgiving, neck cricking, less-than-sparkling (clean) hotel pillows. From Istanbul to Inverness, an All About Down® travel pillow will support the weary traveler’s head. It's the travel companion that never complains.

High quality travel pillows from All About Down® are covered in sturdy, down-proof, Egyptian cotton imported from Germany. They contain the same high-lofting, goose down that we put in our comforters. Pack it, squish it, roll it up...a travel pillow from All About Down® always springs back to life. 

Fill Weights - Our medium fill weight is the most popular. Supportive fill weight is slightly firmer. Choose from among five fill weights to fine tune the comfort level of your All About Down® travel pillow. 

Travel Size Pillow - 12" x 16" - A Travel Size pillow is small enough to pack easily, yet substantial enough to provide your head with soft support each night.

Petite Size Pillow - 15" x 20" - 
A Petite Size pillow is a little bit of home away from home. It’s slightly larger than a travel pillow so it feels more like a standard size bed pillow. 

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Guaranteed-to-Fit Protection - Order a Travel Size or Petite Size pillowcase and pillow protector from All About Down® at the same time you order your pillow to keep it clean.

Travel Pillowcases - Travel pillowcases are 100% cotton and available in a variety of colors. Besides protection, a colorful pillowcase will help you remember your precious pillow each time you get it out, even through the mental fog of jet lag. They come in colors of cream, white, lavender, light blue, tan, eggplant, pink, green and fuschia.
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Travel Pillow Protectors - Travel pillow protectors are white, 100% cotton with a zipper at one end.

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Ideal for the Home Too - A Travel or Petite Size pillow can provide additional cushioning for your neck, lower back, under your knees, or anywhere else that might need extra support