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Travel Sets
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The Travel Companion That Never Complains!

    An All About Down® travel pillow saves you from unforgiving, neck cricking, less-than-sparkling (clean) hotel pillows. Pack it, squish it, roll it up...our travel pillow always springs back to life. Four fill weights helps you fine tune your comfort level. Medium fill weight is the most popular. Pillows contain the same premium down that we put into our comforters and are covered in down-proof, Egyptian cotton fabric.

    • TRAVEL SIZE 12" x 16"  A Travel Size pillow is small enough to pack easily, yet substantial enough to provide your head with soft support each night.
    • PETITE SIZE 15" x 20"  A Petite Size pillow is a little bit of home away from home. Slightly larger than our travel size pillow, it feels more like a standard size bed pillow.

    Think Outside the Suitcase

    An All About Down® travel pillow can also be useful at home whenever you want additional cushioning for your neck, lower back, knees...or any other tender part of your anatomy. Their small size also makes them an ideal first pillow for children.

    Protect and Preserve Your Travel Pillow!

    Order a 100% cotton pillowcase and pillow protector at the same time you buy your pillow to keep it clean and pristine. colorful pillowcase also helps you locate your precious pillow during the mental fog of jet lag. 

    12" x 16"
    3 oz. 4 oz. 5 oz. 6 oz.
    15" x 20"
    6 oz. 8 oz. 10 oz. 12 oz.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Light pillow perfect for stomach sleeper

    This is just what I've needed when traveling but couldn't find. A light soft pillow that works well for a stomach sleeper. I can't sleep on the foam bricks that are usually in hotel rooms. It takes almost no space in my luggage either. It's good quality and perfect for my needs.

    Fantastic travel pillow!

    After trying every other travel and camping pillow on the market I decided what I really need is a real down travel pillow. Not only will my plane and road trips be more luxurious but I’ll never have to suffer a substandard hotel pillow again. Small but mighty and very packable, this thing is essential for getting as close as possible to your own pillow away from home. Shipping was fast and I liked that a pillow protector was available. This pillow should last a very long time and I think it is a great investment for any traveler. Photo of the pillow and a stuff sack I use to stow it in my medium size personal item tote for size reference.

    Dorothy Torrey

    The pillow is wonderful. But I bought a pillow case for it and after two washings with fabric softener, it is still stiff and feels like it is lined in plastic. Pillow case not worth the money.

    Nick Foxer
    High Quality, bite-sized

    Exactly what I wanted. A high quality down pillow, small enough to put in my carry-on luggage for travel. You know you're winning at life when you're boss enough to own one of these pillows.

    Mary S.
    Petite Travel Pillow

    Love the pillow and the customer service! The Jack was wonderful to work with to figure out which pillow loft would work best for my back and neck issues. Plus, I adore the size of the petite pillow for travel, as it's a bit bigger than a normal travel pillow.