Comforter Fill Weights

side-by-side view of a field with tree: one green in the summer and one white in the winter

All About Down®  Year Round -  Are you a cold, average or warm sleeper? Do you sleep in a tropical or frigid room? Do you live where it snows in the winter or do palm trees grow outside your window? With five fill weights to choose from, you'll be just right at night!

WINTER - When icy storms rattle your windows, embrace your inner bruin. Dive under a Winter or Heavyweight comforter. Inform your loved ones through a surround-down cocoon, "Wake me when the snow melts".

SUMMER - Finally finally when temperatures rise and the birds start chirping, whip off your Winter or Heavyweight comforter and replace it with a Summer or Light Weight comforter. Even when it's a shorts-and-sandals kind of day, evenings can be chilly and you will be grateful for a feathery-light comforter at night.



Cold Sleeper

Average Sleeper

Warm Sleeper

Summer Weight Comforter

Useful as an extra comforter or in a very warm climate. Not warm enough to be the only comforter on the bed.

Excellent for when you want a really lightweight, not particularly warm comforter.

All you’ll ever need on your bed.

Lightweight Comforter

Will stay fluffier over a longer time period because it contains more down than a Summer Weight Comforter. Ideal for summer use.

This is our most popular weight for general use.

Will be too warm in the summer.

Moderate Weight Comforter

Can work for most of the year but will need to use extra blankets during cold spells.

Provides enough warmth for the chilly part of the year, or in a cool room.

Too warm most of the time unless the room is cold.

Winter Weight Comforter

You will love this weight and could possibly use it year around.

Warmer and fluffier than our Moderate Weight comforter; it can be too warm for most people unless the room is very cold.

Too hot.

Heavyweight Comforter

The ultimate experience for a cold sleeper. Very warm and puffy. It could get too warm in the warmer months.

As warm as you would ever want a comforter to be. Best used in an unheated room in a cold climate.

Much too hot.