Pillow Sizes

stack of different size pillows from large to small
Pillow Sizes to Suit Your Fancy or… Fancy Pillow Sizes

Seven sizes of All About Down® pillows means there’s no excuse to have an empty pillowcase longing to be filled.

Standard Size Pillows - Like your best friend, a standard size pillow (20" x 26") is always there for you. Its dimensions keeps the down centered to support for your head. Three standard size pillows fit on a queen bed, while four fit on a king size bed. But don’t limit yourself. A panoply of pillows creates an attractive look of abundance. 

Queen or King Size Pillows - Royalty at the head of your bed!  Order a pair of queen (20" x 30") or king size (20" x 36") pillows if you prefer the graceful simplicity of two pillows per bed. However, the longer dimensions of these pillows mean that the goose down has a tendency to shift to either end leaving a down-less middle unless they are quite full. The challenge is to find that equilibrium between flatness and fullness to provide you with the perfect amount of support.
European Size Pillows - Be square and be there with European-size pillows. All About Down® makes both standard sizes of European pillows: 26" x 26" and 30" x 30".
Travel Pillows -  All About Down® offers two sizes of portable pillows: Travel (12" x 16") for economy of space, and Petite (15" x 20") for slightly greater density. Both sizes gracefully compress in your suitcase when you’re on the move, yet are substantial enough to fluff back to life for soft support each night. Home comfort while away from home!
More Uses for Travel Pillows - Think out of the suitcase! Travel pillows are also useful in everyday life to provide extra cushioning for any tender or awkward imperfection of the human body…think knees, neck or lower back.
Keep Extra Pillows in Shams - To provide a memorably comfortable stay for your guests, store All About Down® pillows in shams at the ready on your spare bed.
Custom Size Pillows - Do you have an antique pillowcase with handmade lace sewn by a much loved great aunt? Or an exotic and colorful pillowcase from a foreign land? The world is not a standardized place. Special order pillows to casually yet elegantly adorn your bed, sofa, chair or window seat. Contact us


    12" x 16"
    --- 3 oz. 4 oz. 5 oz. 6 oz.
    15" x 16"
    --- 6 oz. 8 oz. 10 oz. 12 oz.
    20" x 26"
    8 oz. 12 oz. 14 oz. 16 oz. 22 oz.
    20" x 30"
    9 oz. 14 oz. 16 oz. 20 oz. 27 oz.
    20" x 36"
    12 oz. 17 oz. 20 oz. 26 oz. 36 oz.
    26" x 26"
    --- --- 19 oz. 24 oz. 29 oz.
    30" x 30"
    --- --- 25 oz. 33 oz. 40 oz.