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Down Pillow Sizes

All About Down® pillows come in five standard sizes, plus European or custom sizes. There's just no excuse to have an empty pillowcase anymore. 

Standard Size Pillows Support the Sleepy Head - A standard pillow (20" x 26") is an ideal size because the goose down is concentrated enough to provide consistent support for your head. Like your best friend, it's always there for you. Pillowcases are another reason for choosing standard size pillows. They are readily available and reasonably priced.

Three standard size pillows fit on a queen size bed, while four fit on a king size bed. But don’t limit yourself. A multiplicity of pillows creates an attractive look of abundance, and provides extra support for sleeping on your side or reading in bed. Add an extra touch of luxury by filling your shams with down pillows. It's a useful way to store extra bed pillows for guests.

Royalty at the Head of the Bed: Queen and King Size Pillows - If you prefer the graceful simplicity of two pillows per bed, then order queen or king size pillows. Sometimes, the larger area of queen and king size pillows can allow the goose down to shift to either end to create a flatter center. 

European Pillows Are Often Square - Square pillows can be hard to find in the U.S. but look no further! All About Down® makes two standard European size square pillows: 26" x 26" and 30" x 30".

Travel Pillow (12" x 16" ) - An All About Down® Travel Pillow is the size of an airline pillow. It’s small enough to pack easily, yet substantial enough to provide your head with soft support each night.

Petite Pillow (15" x 20") - Some people prefer an All About Down® Petite Pillow because, being larger than the travel pillow, its extra support has more of the feel of a standard size a little bit of home away from home.

Relax on a Custom Pillow - Order pillows of any dimensions or fill weight to casually yet elegantly adorn your bed, sofa, chair or window seat. These must be special ordered. Contact us.

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