Sheet Details

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Your Personal Wild Life Refuge - Fine sheets and pillowcases from create a bedroom sanctuary where you can relax and renew yourself. You’ll awake refreshed and ready for whatever the next day might bring.
Health and Well-Being - All of our sheets are OEKOS and REACH-certified to be free of substances injurious to human health. Additionally they conform to the highest standards of environmental protection and fair labor practices.

Purchase Sheets at the Same Time When Buying a Duvet Cover – All About Down® makes its duvet covers from the sheets we sell. Create a stylish ensemble by ordering our Italian Sateen or Percale sheets and pillowcases that match your duvet cover. Or order coordinating but contrasting colors to vary the look each time you change your bed. Our sheets are sold individually so you can order only the pieces you want unlike most retailers that want to sell you sets of bedding, a strategy that tends to benefit them more than you.
Thread Count Is Not an Unerring Guide to Sheet Quality – Since consumers tend to equate a high thread count with high quality, some manufacturers claim ever-higher numbers, at times straying into aspirational fiction. More important than thread count is the feel and weave of the sheets. We have chosen our cotton sheets for their superior quality and enduring comfort.

Percale Sheets

Percale sheets have a cambric weave (aka plain weave) where each row of thread alternates over and under the next thread. This produces a high number of intersections that distribute the wear. 

Italian Sateen Sheets

Italian Sateen sheets has most of its threads on the surface of the fabric. This creates a smooth, lustrous appearance with a silky drape.

Sheet Measurements

Twin Flat Sheet

72" x 114"

68" x 96"

Twin Fitted Sheet (17" pockets)

39" x 75" x 17"

39" x 75" x 17"

XL Twin Flat Sheet

71" x 115"

68" x 102"

XL Twin Fitted Sheet (17" pockets)

39" x 80" x 17"

39" x 80" x 17"

Full Flat Sheet

90" x 114"

85" x 96"

Full Fitted Sheet (17" pockets)

54" x 76" x 17"

54" x 75" x 17"

Queen Flat Sheet

95" x 115"

94" x 104"

Queen Fitted Sheet (17" pockets)

60" x 80" x 17"

60" x 80" x 17"

King Flat Sheet

116" x 118"

110" x 104"

King Fitted Sheet (17" pockets)

78" x 80" x 17"

78" x 80" x 17"

California King Flat Sheet

116" x 118"

California King Fitted Sheet (17" pockets)

72" x 84" x 17"

Standard Size Pillowcase

20" x 26"

20" x 26"

Queen Size Pillowcase

20" x 30"

King Size Pillowcase  

20" x 36"

20" x 36"