Duvet Cover Details

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All About Down® Sheets and Pillowcases - Purchase individual sheets or pairs of pillowcases at the same time you buy a duvet cover! Create a stylish, matching ensemble, or order coordinating but contrasting colors to vary the look each time you change your bed. We don't force you into buying pre-packaged sets of sheets to get the few pieces of bedding that you want to use.
The "Ins and Outs" of Using a Duvet Cover - A duvet cover completely encases a down comforter. The top acts as the bedspread, and the bottom is the top sheet. Or, you can use your down comforter in its duvet cover as a blanket with a top sheet. The full-width zippered opening makes it easy to remove and insert the comforter when changing your bed. 
No Need to Fasten an All About Down® Duvet Cover to an All About Down® Comforter - Our duvet covers are designed to perfectly fit our down comforters without clips or fasteners.
Special Ordering a Custom Size Duvet Cover to Fit a Down Comforter That You Already Have - Stretch your down comforter flat and give us those measurements. We will make duvet cover 10" smaller for a snug fit. There will be an additional charge for making a custom size.
Two, Three, Four or More? - A multiplicity of duvet covers offers opportunities for creativity, inspiration, and let’s be frank, cleanliness. There’s nothing like going into the bedroom and seeing darling little paw prints on your white duvet cover. All you can do is sigh and think, “These are the times that try men's and women’s souls.” Additionally, “This is when men and women really need another duvet cover." 
Comforter Cover Confidential – If there is a plan between you and the bed post to fasten a too small down comforter into a much larger duvet cover, there will be problems. If you stretch out the down comforter to fit the larger duvet cover, it will look flat. If you tie the comforter to the middle of a larger duvet cover, you will have bat wings of empty fabric on each side. Neither is an appealing look. See how a duvet cover should fit a down comforter on the chart below.
“Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow…” - All About Down® duvet covers are constructed to last. They will endure hundreds (thousands?) of washings with aplomb. Interior seams are wrapped with thread so they won’t fray. We use zippers as the sturdiest option instead of buttons. Buttons tear the duvet cover fabric where they are attached and fall off never to be seen again. They probably hang out with the lost socks.
To Order a Custom Size Duvet Cover - First, stretch out your existing comforter, give us those measurements, and we will make the duvet cover 10" smaller than the comforter to ensure a secure fit and billowy appearance. Second, contact us with those measurements and we can give you a price that includes an additional charge for a non-standard size.


Percale Duvet Covers

Percale duvet covers are made from the same percale sheets that we sell. They have a cambric weave (aka plain weave) where each row of thread alternates over and under the next thread, producing a high number of intersections that distribute the wear.

Italian Sateen Duvet Covers

Sateen duvet covers are made from the same Italian Sateen sheets that we sell. A sateen weave has most of its threads on the surface of the fabric. This creates a smooth, lustrous appearance with a silky drape.


BOTTOM ZIPPER STYLE - Reversible and Substantial   A zipper spans the width at the foot of the duvet cover. You will see a line of stitching where it was inserted under a 1” flap. Order this style of zipper closure for a reversible duvet cover.
BACK ZIPPER STYLE Light and Dependable   A zipper is inserted 2½” up from the foot of the duvet cover under a 1” flap. The zipper flap is not visible on the top of the duvet cover.


Piping delineates the perimeter of a duvet cover for an attractively defined edge. Choose white or cream color piping, or no piping for a smooth undifferentiated edge.


Once a down comforter is inserted into a duvet cover, the cover becomes the final size of your comforter. 






40" x 50"

46" x 56"

27" x 52"


40" x 60"

46" x 66"



50" x 60"

56 x 66"



54" x 76"

60" x 82"



54" x 92"

60" x 101"



64" x 82"

74" x 91"

39" x 76"x 10"


64" x 92"

74" x 101"

39" x 80"x 10"


78" x 82"

91" x 91"

54" x 76"x 10"


78" x 92"

91" x 101"

54" x 80" x 10"


84" x 86"

96" x 98"

54" x 76" x 16"


88" x 92"

101" x 101"

60" x 80" x 10"


95" x 95"

106" x 106"

66" x 80" x 16"


104" x 92"

120" x 101"

76" x 80" x 10"


112" x 96"

128" x 106"

76" x 80" x 16"


100" x 96"

112" x 106"

72" x 84" x 10"

  *This will be the final size of your down comforter.