Eider Down

Two hands holding a puffy pile of dark brown eider down which is Eider down
Extraordinary Eider Down-Filled Comforters - Comforters of exceptional quality filled with unique and precious eider down are available from All About Down® for a premium price. Eider down comforters are perfect for the person who values the unique luxuries of life, or for the individual who wants to treat sentient beings with utmost respect.
How Now Brown Down - The down from the eider duck, somewhat surprisingly for a creature from the far north, is the color of coffee. It seems like it should be white like a polar bear but instead, it is the color of the earth on which the duck lays its eggs. Eider down subtly darkens the white or cream down-proof fabric of our down comforter. That is the visual price you pay for an eider down comforter. However, the darker tint is not apparent when the comforter is covered with a duvet cover.

Not Your Average Comforter - These comforters must be special ordered. Contact us for an estimate. Be aware that hand-gathered down shipped from Iceland comes at a substantial cost!

Peaceful Coexistence Between Humans and Wild Eider Ducks

The wild eider duck lives in fiercely cold northern latitudes, spending most of its life bobbing on the frigid ocean. In spring and early summer, female eider ducks leave the sea to lay their eggs, returning to the same nest year after year. Eider duck “farmers” create nesting areas that are tranquil and appealing, protecting these sites from dogs and other predators. The wild ducks will allow these humans from whom they’ve never known harm to approach quite closely. Soon after the chicks hatch, they accompany their mothers out to sea. Then the down that kept the eggs warm is hand gathered from the abandoned nests.

Eider down is expensive because it can take up to 85 nests to make one down comforter and is gathered only once a year. It is a rare and wonderful example of the peaceful coexistence of a wild creature and humankind for the benefit of both.
Thank You, St. Cuthbert! - St. Cuthbert lived in northeastern England in the seventh century AD. He placed eider ducks under his spiritual protection, forbidding anyone to harm them. To this day, the colloquial name for an eider duck is Cuddy’s duck, Cuddy being the nickname for Cuthbert.