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Duvet Covers


Find perfect fitting duvet covers at All About Down®. We make them from our fine quality sheets as they are ordered at an affordable price. Order your duvet cover with the same color sheets top and bottom, or with contrasting colors for "flippability". 

Italian Sateen Duvet Covers - The weave of these lustrous, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets produces a smooth, silky feel and maximum breathability. An  astounding 40+ colors allow you to perfectly match your décor.

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Ultra-Soft Plain Weave Duvet Covers - These 100% cotton sheets have been brushed for a soft, fine texture and lightweight feel. Six classic colors make it easy to coordinate with other bedding patterns. These wrinkle-resistant sheets are independently verified as containing no harmful substances that affect human health or the environment, and are produced with socially responsible work practices. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified

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A Different Duvet Cover Is a Sure Cure for Boredom - A bedroom makeover is easy with a quick change of your duvet cover. Go from scarlet to ivory in sixty seconds or less!  

Do you want a duvet cover to match your bedroom decor, bed linen or your mood? Order matching pillowcases and fitted sheets at the same time you buy your duvet cover to create an attractive, coordinated bedding ensemble. Or, order a duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases in a harmonious combination of colors. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! 

 A Down Comforter’s Elixir of Youth - Have a selection of All About Down® duvet covers on hand so when you take one off, you can immediately replace it to keep your down comforter clean and protected. Without a duvet cover, the fabric on down your comforter will stain and wear out.

The Ins and Outs of Using a Duvet Cover - A duvet cover is like a giant, zippered pillowcase for your down comforter. The full-width zippered opening at the foot of an All About Down® duvet cover makes it easy to insert and remove the comforter. The top of the duvet cover can be the bedspread, and the bottom of the duvet cover can be the top sheet. Some people prefer to use their down comforter with a top sheet so they don’t have to wash the duvet cover when they change the bed.

No Need to Fasten a Duvet Cover to Its Comforter - An All About Down® duvet cover is made to perfectly fit a down comforter without clips or fasteningsWe don't recommend fasteners because they will tear the fabric of your comforter. 

Two Duvet Covers for the Price of One - Think about using two different colored sheets for your duvet cover for a new look by flipping over your comforter. Choose the same kind or weight of sheets for best results. Order the Bottom Zipper Style of closure so the zipper won't show.

Piping Is the Finishing Touch - Add piping to the outside perimeter of your duvet cover for an attractively defined edge at no extra cost. Piping comes in white or cream, or can order your duvet cover without piping.    

An All About Down® Duvet Cover Is Constructed to Last - The interior seams are finished off so they won’t fray. We use zippers instead of button closures because buttonholes will tear, and the duvet fabric will gap between the buttons. 


Drawing showing duvet cover zipper placed at foot of case

Bottom Zipper Style

Reversible and SubstantialA zipper spans the width at the foot of the duvet cover. You will see a line of stitching where it was inserted under a 1" flap. The duvet cover is reversible and the zipper will hold up to innumerable washing and vigorous handling.

Drawing showing duvet cover zipper placed in bottom sheet

Back Zipper Style

Light and Dependable - A zipper is inserted 2½" up from the foot of the duvet cover under a 1" flap. The zipper flap is not visible on the top of the duvet cover.  



The size of a down comforter is determined by the dimensions of the duvet cover. A duvet cover should be about 10" smaller than your down comforter so it will stay in place without fastening and look pleasingly plump.

As you contemplate which size to order, ask yourself: do you want a duvet cover to fit an All About Down® comforter, another manufacturer’s down comforter, or to cover a specific area of your bed? Use the helpful information in the Down Comforter Measurements Chart to guide your decision.

To Order a Duvet Cover to Fit an All About Down® Comforter - Order the same size as your down comforter.

To Order a Duvet Cover to Fit the Bed - Sometimes you want your duvet cover to spread over a certain area of your bed, such as falling to the top of the box springs. If that is your goal, measure on your bed where you want your duvet cover to reach. Compare those dimensions to All About Down® standard Duvet Cover dimensions on our Table of Measurements. If you don't see the dimensions you want, All About Down® can make a custom size duvet cover.

If your existing down comforter is smaller than your desired dimensions, it may need to be tied into its duvet cover. It will look flatter than if the duvet cover is the recommended 10" smaller than its comforter. All About Down® can always renovate or add on to your down comforter so it will fit its duvet cover.

To Order a Duvet Cover to Fit Another Manufacturer's Comforter Measure your down comforter and give All About Down® those dimensions.To determine the measurements of your down comforter, pull it taut and measure it from corner-to-corner from top to bottom, and side to side.  We will make the the duvet cover 10" smaller in length and width than those dimensions.


Once a down comforter is inserted into a duvet cover, the cover becomes the final size of your comforter.

Compare the Comforter Cut Dimensions listed below to the measurements on other manufacturers' bedding tags. They often list the cut measurements of the fabric instead of the finished measurements of the down comforter (as we do) to make their comforters seem larger.


Duvet Cover

Comforter Cut Dimensions



40" x 50"

46" x 56"

27" x 52"


40" x 60"

46" x 66"



50" x 60"

56 x 66"



54" x 76"

60" x 82"


XL Euro

54" x 92"

60" x 101"



64" x 82"

74" x 91"

39" x 76"x 10"

XL Twin

64" x 92"

74" x 101"

39" x 80"x 10"


78" x 82"

91" x 91"

54" x 76"x 10"

XL Full

78" x 92"

91" x 101"

54" x 80" x 10"

Pillowtop Full

84" x 86"

96" x 98"

54" x 76" x 16"


88" x 92"

101" x 101"

60" x 80" x 10"

Pillowtop Queen

95" x 95"

106" x 106"

66" x 80" x 16"


104" x 92"

120" x 101"

76" x 80" x 10"

Pillowtop King

112" x 96"

128" x 106"

76" x 80" x 16"

CA King

100" x 96"

112" x 106"

72" x 84" x 10"