Comforter Re-Covering

White rolled up down comforter in front of bright, leafy window

It's been a busy year! So call us first before sending us your down comforter to be re-covered. We will put you on our list and call you when it's your turn or ... as Gilbert & Sullivan would say, "I've got a little list!".

Choose to Reuse! Save Money and the Environment! - Send your used down comforter to be turned into an as-good-as-new comforter by sending it to the re-covering service at All About Down®. We remove the down, wash it, then put it a new fabric shell and stitch into place. Ta-da! Comforter heaven!

The Down Comforter of Your Dreams! - Before re-covering your used down comforter, we require that you have our expert Cleaning Service wash it for an additional cost. This protects your comforter by keeping our workspace clean. We guarantee that your down is kept separate and returned to you in your re-covered comforter. Also, washing fluffs up the existing down in your comforter.  All About Down® uses the same exceptional quality materials that we use on our new down comforters. 

  • DOWN-PROOF FABRIC - Our down-proof, Egyptian cotton fabric keeps your goose down from leaking. It's imported from Europe because it’s the best available.
  • TOP-STITCHING - Our comforters are sewed into billowy squares to keep the down securely in place and prevent shivery cold spots. 
  • SIZES -  Choose one of sixteen sizes in our Down Comforter Measurements Chart. Don't be restricted by the names of the sizes. Instead, compare the dimensions listed on the chart to the desired coverage of your bed, or the fit of your duvet cover. 
  • MORE GOOSE DOWN? - Fluff your puff! Add our 800 to 900 fill-power goose down to your re-covered comforter to make it warmer, increase its loft, or to fill out a comforter that’s larger than the original. 
  • LESS GOOSE DOWN? - Was your old comforter too warm? The time to reduce the amount of down is when it is re-covered. We can return your extra down or use it to make pillows. We don't buy used down.
  • MORE OR LESS GOOSE DOWN? - As a custom order at additional cost, we can make a down comforter containing more goose down on one side than the other to cover that awkward situation where a Cold Sleeper shares a bed with a Warm Sleeper.
Using Used Goose Down 
  • DOWN COMFORTER - The down in your used comforter should be light and fluffy. If it is flat or lumpy, it is worn out and usually not suitable for re-covering although sometimes it can be used for pillows. All About Down® can advise you. 
  • SLEEPING BAGS - Down from newish sleeping bags can be added to a re-covered comforter. In real life, it is usually worn out by the time its owner is willing to sacrifice it. 
  • ARMY SLEEPING BAGS - They contain a high percentage of low quality, flat, non-fluffy feathers. Sometimes, if not too dusty, their feathery contents can make a really, really heavy comforter that suits a small subset of sleepers. Sometimes, they can make supportive pillows such as throw pillows. But don't count on either scenario because the quality control on these sleeping bags seems non-existent, at best.
  • DOWN JACKETS - The small amount in down in a jacket is usually of mediocre quality regardless of what the product tag may say, and not worth using 
  • PILLOWS - Pillow filling tends to be exhausted by being used every night. They can also contain a surprising amount feathers even if labeled 100% down. You wouldn't know that unless you opened one up.  Adding pillow filling to a re-covered comforter is not recommended unless it's essentially brand new.

Re-covered Down Comforters Cannot Be Returned - Ordering the re-covering of a down comforter can be tricky. You know what you want, but we don't read minds. Rest assured that we try our best. If you are dissatisfied with your order, we will work with you to make it right.
How Long Does It Take All About Down® to Re-Cover My Comforter? - It can take one to two months...sometimes longer during the holidays or cold spells. If you can’t bear to be separated from your comforter, let us know and we can sometimes make special arrangements.
Down Comforter Re-Covering Can't Be Ordered Online - Mail your down comforter to All About Down®Include this order form in the box.  When we receive your package, we will contact you to discuss the details and give you a final price. You are under no obligation to place an order; however, we will charge you for return shipping.


Use these prices to estimate how much your order will cost. They don’t include the cost of additional down or washing. We will give you a final price when we examine your down comforter. 

The down comforter will conform to the size of a Duvet Cover. Without one, it will stretch to its maximum dimensions. The size we cut the fabric before we fill it with goose down. Compare these measurements to those printed on another manufacturer's bedding tag. Compare the Duvet Cover Size measurements to these mattress dimensions to see how they fit.
Crib $116 40" x 50" 46" x 56"
Lap $118 40" x 60" 46" x 66"
Throw $160 50" x 60" 56" x 66"
Euro $225 54" x 76" 60" x 82"
XL Euro $245 54" x 92" 54" x 92"
Twin $265 64" x 82" 74" x 91" 38" x 76" x 8"-12"
XL Twin $285 64" x 92" 74" x 101" 38" x 80" x 8"-12"
Full $305 78" x 82" 91" x 91" 54" x 76" x 8"-12"
XL Full $320 78" x 92" 90" x 101" 54" x 80" x 8"-12"
Pillowtop Full $330 84" x 86" 96" x 98" 54" x 76" x 14"-20"
Queen $350 88" x 92" 101" x 101" 60" x 80" x 8"-12"
Pillowtop Queen $375 95" x 95" 106" x 106" 60" x 80" x 14"-20"
King $395 104" x 92" 120" x 101" 76" x 80" x 8"-12"
Pillowtop King $415 112" x 96" 128" x 106" 76" x 80" x 14"-20"
California King $395 100" x 96" 112" x 106" 72" x 84" x 8"-12"
Alaska King $790 130" x 106" 145" x 120" 108" x 108" x 11"-15"

Save on Shipping With a FedEx Label From All About Down®

  • Save 20-40% on the cost of mailing a down item to All About Down® by sending us the box dimensions, plus your address, phone number and email address to Knowing the approximate weight of your box is helpful but less important.
  • You will receive a shipping label via email from FedEx which you are free to use or discard. You can print it at home and tape it on your box, or take your box to a FedEx office where they can scan your phone and print a label for you. You will not be charged until we return your comforter. (We do not sell your information or use it for a mailing list.)
  • Of course, we accept packages from all shipping services including U.S. Postal Service, UPS or your own FedEx label.  

Other Shipping Options - Of course, we accept packages from all shipping services including U.S. Postal Service, UPS or your own FedEx label.