Down-Proof Fabrics

Close up if rolled up comforter

Elegant European Down-Proof Fabric of Exceptional Quality - All About Down® constructs down comforters and pillows from world-class, reliably down-proof, 100% Egyptian cotton fabric imported from Europe. All of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 compliant 

 The Standard Down-Proof Cambric Fabric on an All About Down® Comforter - This 230-thread count, reliably down-proof fabric is anything but standard. It occupies a graceful middle ground between luxury and practicality. This closely woven cotton is light enough to allow the goose down to loft to its maximum height, yet sturdy enough to last for many years with proper care. Its aloe vera finish makes it feel like a freshly ironed sheet that gradually softens with use. COLORS: Cream and white.

Special Order Down Comforter Fabrics 
Lightweight Down-Proof Fabric - This 263-thread count cambric weave fabric is often combined with our Summer Weight fill weight for sleepers wanting a warm, yet extremely lightweight layer on their bed. It offers a modicum of sturdiness but because of its fine weave, has a silky, luxurious feel. It comes at a premium price. COLORS: Cream and white.

Whisper Weight Down-Proof Fabric - This 348-thread-count ethereally lightweight, batiste fabric is tissue thin, yet still down-proof. Because of the delicate threads used to create its fine cambric weave, it makes a comforter with a soft, gossamer feel. It is quite pricey but worth the cost if you want a down comforter that practically floats off the bed. Batiste is a finely woven, plain weave fabric first created in sixteenth century France and is just as elegant as that sounds. COLOR: White. 
Heavyweight Twill Weave Fabric - This 226-thread count twill weave fabric is exceptionally durable, down-proof and feather-proof. We use it for all of our pillows. Only use for a comforter if you want one that is physically heavy or filled with a custom feather/down mix. COLORS: Cream and white. 

Prevent the Great Escape! - Why do we discuss the qualities of down-proof fabric in such detail? Because it keeps your valuable goose down from leaking. Without it, no matter how much you vacuum, goose-down dust bunnies will accumulate just out of sight only to reappear when you least expect them. 

"Shocking" Thread Count Secrets Revealed - The definition of thread count is the number of threads in a square inch. But thread count alone does not provide a down-proof guarantee. Because consumers often equate a high thread count with high quality, strategies are used to increase it such as counting a double-ply thread (two strands twisted to make one thread) as two threads. In an instant, thread count doubles and manufacturers take advantage of a consumer who would quite naturally assume that fabric on all down comforters would be down-proof.
How Can You Tell If the Fabric on Comforter Is Down-Proof? - Four crucial factors make a fabric down proof: thread count PLUS thread size, fabric finish, and whether each thread is woven. OK…but how does a consumer determine these qualities? It’s tricky. Especially if a retailer slings around unverifiable thread counts like throwing spaghetti at a wall. Look for reputable vendors who are reliable sources of information and stand by their product, like All About Down®. Additionally, quality down-proof fabric does not come at a bargain price.

Fabric Weaves

CAMBRIC aka PLAIN WEAVE - Cambric is a plain weave cotton cloth meaning that each row of thread alternates over and under the next thread, producing a high number of intersections. 


TWILL WEAVE - Twill weave produces a fabric with a diagonal ridge that is regularly repeated, usually running upward from left to right at a 45° angle.​​