Pillow Services

A Pillow Pick-Me-Up - For many people, their faithful pillow has provided unquestioning support after many a long and weary day. Now one of you is starting to show its age. When that happens, send your pillow to All About Down®. We will clean, re-cover it and add more goose down if needed. When we’ve finished, your pillow will smell sweeter, look cleaner and feel puffier. Your ugly duckling of a pillow will be a swan!
The Same Exceptional Quality Materials as New Pillows - All About Down® re-covers pillows with down-proof, twill weave Egyptian Cotton fabric that we import from Europe because it’s the best available. We can add high lofting, 800 to 900 fill-power goose down for a fuller pillow. 

A Pound (or so) of Extra Down? - If you re-covered a comforter and had down left over, we can use it to make a pillow. Check out our Pillow Fill Weight Chart to decide how full you want your pillow to be. We'll weigh your extra down and compare it against your choice of fill weight. Then, we can quote you a price. Depending on how full you want your pillow to be, you may need to buy additional goose down. 

Two Options to Refresh and Renew Your Used Pillow

  • Wash Your Pillow - Have us wash your pillow with our thorough yet gentle, fragrance-free and environmentally-friendly cleaning service. The down usually fluffs up about 15-20% after washing if it’s in good condition to start with. If you want an even fuller pillow, we can add more goose down at additional cost: labor plus the price of the goose down. Realize that washing won't turn worn out down into new down. We will advise you. 
  • Wash Contents and Re-Cover Your Pillow - If the pillow filling is in good condition but the fabric is irrevocably stained or worn out, we can discard the old ticking, wash the filling separately and insert it into new down-proof fabric. Don’t assume you have to add more down, but it’s an extremely convenient time to pay for an additional ¼ pound goose down to fluff it up a bit because there's no separate labor charge..

“Comfort Guarantee” Means Worry-Free - If you renovate a pillow at All About Down®, your comfort is assured! If you sleep on your re-covered pillow and find that you want it softer or firmer, we will adjust the fill weight one time without charging for labor. We will charge for any additional down or feathers that we add. After the first adjustment, we will charge for labor plus the cost of more down or feathers. If we’ve removed down, we will bag it up for to take home or use it to make another pillow. We cannot buy used down.
Now That Your Pillow Looks Like New, What to Do? - Protect your four-cornered friend with at least one, but even better, two pillow protectors from All About Down®. Order them at the same time you wash or re-cover your goose down pillow so it is never unprotected for one minute! Our pillow protectors have a zipper at one end and are sturdier than most. 
How to Order - Pillow services cannot be ordered online. Mail your down pillow to All About Down®  and include this order form in the box. When we receive your pillow, we will assess its condition, then contact you to discuss your order and give you a final price. You are under no obligation to place an order; however, we will charge you for return shipping.

Save on Shipping With a FedEx Label From All About Down®

  • Save 20-40% on the cost of mailing a down item to All About Down® by sending us the box dimensions, plus your address, phone number and email address to info@allaboutdown.com. Knowing the approximate weight of your box is helpful but less important.
  • You will receive a shipping label from FedEx which you are free to use or discard. You can print it at home and tape it on your box, or take your box to a FedEx office where they can scan your phone and print a label for you. You will not be charged until we return your comforter. (We do not sell your information or use it for a mailing list.)
  • Of course, we accept packages from all shipping services including U.S. Postal Service, UPS or your own FedEx label.  
Use these prices to estimate how much your Pillow Services order will cost. We will give you a final price when we examine your down pillow.

Travel  12" x 16" $19 $42
Petite 15" x 20" $21 $48
Standard 20" x 26" $25 $58
Queen 20" x 30" $28 $63
King 20"x 36" $30 $68
European 26" x 26" $35 $73
German 30" x 30" $43 $78
       700-800 Fill Power Goose Down               $11/oz
1.    $10 labor charge to add down to washed, intact pillow.
 2.   No labor charge to add down to washed and re-covered pillow.