OEKO-TEX® & REACH Standards

White comforter + blue pillow to represent international standards of health-friendly fabric

Good for Human Health, the Environment and Workers

All fabric and sheets used in All About Down® products meet international standards to prevent the use of harmful chemicals, and promote the well being of workers and the environment. 

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® - This label means that the fabric has been tested and guaranteed to be free of 100 substances that harm human health. The test is conducted by independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes. In many cases, these standards go beyond national and international requirements. The criteria are updated at least once a year, and expanded with new scientific knowledge or statutory requirements. The OEKO-TEX® label also requires fair wages, fair working hours, equal treatment and gender equality for all workers

    REACH - The REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) Regulation aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of chemical substances. 

    REACH places responsibility on manufacturers and importers to identify harmful chemicals. This information is registered in a central database in the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki. The Agency manages the databases necessary to operate the system, co-ordinates the in-depth evaluation of chemicals used in manufacturing, and builds a public data base to protect humans and the environment.