Comforter Squares

Goose down moving, sliding, travelling around inside your down comforter? All About Down can stitch this down in place so it will never move again!

Be Square and Be There - A new All About Down® comforter is stitched into billowy, sewn-through squares that keep the goose down in place where it keeps you warm. 

Baffled Squares - Comforters made by other manufacturers constructed with baffled squares have small openings in the corner of each internal square through which the down is blown. After the comforter is sewn shut, these interior openings remain. Gravity being what it is, the down gradually migrates to the lowest point over the side of the bed leaving you shivering and wondering why your comforter won't keep you warm.

The idea that each line of sewn-through stitching is a cold spot is a misconception. The top-stitching in a down comforter is miniscule compared to the area that the goose down covers. (Sewn-through top-stitching is a liability in a sleeping bag used in a cold environment.)