Goose Down

Down comforter cut open and close-up view of hands holding pile of fluffy white down
The Insulation That Nature Designed!
An All About Down® comforter contains 800 to 900 fill-power goose down of the highest quality, better than you’ll find nearly anywhere else. It’s a cold, cold world out there but not if you are sleeping under a warm, warm All About Down® comforter
Happy Geese! Ethically Sourced Goose Down - Our goose down is third-party certified to be humanely gathered and conform to the best animal welfare standards. It is constantly audited to ensure accurate labeling, plus has been cleaned in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.
What Is Fill Power and Why Is It Important? - Fill power measures the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down fills. A higher number, such as our superior 800 to 900 fill-power goose down, provides greater insulation meaning that it's warmer and that it maintains its resiliency long after lower quality down wears out.
Ultra-Clean Goose Down - We prefer the term "ultra clean" to "hypoallergenic" since the latter strays into medical terminology and because there’s no official definition. Our goose down is washed up to 15 times which is what other manufacturers call hypoallergenic. 

Ponder the Natural World of Geese -  As geese are white or gray so is their down, but color does not indicate quality. All About Down® uses the best goose down that's available, regardless of color. For customers who have a preference, white goose down is always available.

FeatherFeathers Are Flat - Bargain down comforters contain low fill-power down combined with feathers including their quills that poke through the fabric. No one wants to be stabbed at night by a feather. Et tu, Brute?
Eider Down-Filled Comforters -  Comforters of exceptional quality filled with rare and precious
eider down are available from All About Down®. These comforters must be special ordered at a premium price which makes sense when you think about it since the down is hand-gathered only once a year.