Ship to Us

Packing Your Item to Be Cleaned or Repaired - Put your down item in a protective plastic bag and place it in a box for shipping. Save money by using the smallest possible box. It won't hurt the down item to be compressed for the short time it is in transit. Include the order form for the services you are ordering. No need to use styrofoam peanuts or other padding.

Where to Send - Ship to All About Down®, 352 N. 78th St., Seattle, WA 98103.

When We Receive Your Package - 
We will examine your down comforter, pillow or jacket and contact you with a price that includes the services you ordered, return shipping (including our FedEx label for shipping to us if you ordered it), and sales tax where applicable. If you decide not to place an order, we will return your item and charge you only for shipping.

Save on Shipping With a FedEx Label From All About Down®
  • Save 20-40% on the cost of mailing a down item to All About Down® by sending us the box dimensions, plus your address, phone number and email address to Knowing the approximate weight of your box is helpful but less important.
  • You will receive a shipping label from FedEx which you are free to use or discard. You can print it at home and tape it on your box, or take your box to a FedEx office where they can scan your phone and print a label for you. You will not be charged until we return your comforter. (We do not sell your information or use it for a mailing list.)
  • Of course, we accept packages from all shipping services including U.S. Postal Service, UPS or your own FedEx label.  

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