Hypoallergenic Down

Our "Ultra Clean" Down Is the Same as Hypoallergenic Down 

Comforters and pillows from All About Down® contain goose down that’s "ultra clean". You may not have to give up your lovely down comforter and pillows in exchange for an allergy-free night’s sleep. We prefer the term "ultra clean" to "hypoallergenic" since the latter strays into medical terminology and because there’s no official definition.

Our goose down is washed 8 to 15 times and exceeds measurable standards of purity as determined by a turbidity test (measuring particles left in rinse water) and oxygen levels (measuring the amount of organic material found in a sample of down). 

Additionally, the down-proof fabric on our down comforters and pillows is so tightly woven that it offers a measure of defense against allergens. Many people find that it, along with a sturdy duvet cover, is enough protection.