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Hypoallergenic Down

Abstract image of feathers on blue backgroundVery clean down and feathers offend the least. All About Down® new comforters and pillows contain "ultra-clean" goose down that's washed 8 to 15 times and exceeds measurable standards of purity. We prefer the term "ultra clean" to "hypoallergenic" since the latter strays into medical terminology and because there’s no official definition.

Comforters and pillows from All About Down® contain goose down that’s extraordinarily clean. Our down always exceeds measurable standards of purity as determined by a turbidity test (measuring particles left in rinse water) and oxygen levels (measuring the amount of organic material found in a sample of down). 





Additionally, the down-proof fabric on our down comforters and pillows is so tightly woven that it also offers a measure of defense against allergens. Many people find that's enough. You may not have to give up your lovely down comforter and pillows in exchange for an allergy-free night’s sleep. 




The truth is that there are two sources of allergens in a bed: (1) the dust on down or feathers which washing removes, and that which is seldom mentioned in polite company: (2) dust mites. We will take care of the dust problem by using the cleanest possible down. The rest is up to you....