Three happy live geese looking right at ya

All About Down® cares about our customers, our community, and our environment. Through our actions, we hope to leave the world a better place than when we found it.

We Respect Our Customers -  All About Down® offers accurate information about our products and their components. Veracity is our core principle. Forty+ years in business attests to that principle.
     We use only high quality materials and methods of construction to create a long-lasting product at a fair price. We make our down products in the USA employing US citizens to ensure that every facet of the manufacturing process meets our high standards. We don't inflate the price of a product, then reduce it to its normal level and call it a “sale”. 
We Respect Animals - Our goose down is third-party certified to be humanely gathered and to conform to the best animal welfare standards. Our goose down is constantly audited to guarantee the Five Freedoms of animal welfare: appropriate space, lighting, air quality, food and water. 
We Respect Your Health - Our down-proof fabric is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified, thus guaranteed to be free of more than 100 substances harmful to human health, and is produced according to socially responsible work practices. Also, it’s manufactured according to stringent European standards (REACH) that protect human health and the environment. 
We Respect Our Employees - We pay our employees above minimum wage at a rate commensurate with their skill level. We offer flexible hours so they can arrange their work schedule around their personal lives and commitments. Mega-corporations—take note! In short, we treat our employees the way we would like to be treated.
We Respect the Environment - Just as our renovation and washing services offer you the opportunity to recycle, re-use, refurbish and renew, All About Down® also practices these principles. Our goose down has been cleaned in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. We reuse paper and plastic as many times as is practical, then recycle them. All fabric yardage is used for multiple purposes so that barely a scrap remains. Finally, unwanted yet still good condition pillows and comforters are donated to a non-profit that furnishes low-cost housing for persons transitioning out of homelessness.