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9.999 Out of 10 Geese Love This Soap!

Environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and odor-free soap. Gentle enough to clean your valuable goose down while also preserving it. Preferable to harsh detergent or dry cleaning fluid. Use for your down comforter, pillow, sleeping bag, or jacket.

NOTE: The statistically confused goose from the headline was last seen flying north and couldn’t be reached for further comment.

    Step-by-Step Washing Advice

    Use care when handling your wet down item. The down can absorb a lot of water and the weight of wet down can pull apart low quality stitching or baffles. Before washing a down jacket, check the trim to make sure it doesn't have to be dry cleaned. Remember, you can always send your down item to All About Down® to be professionally washed.

    • WASH - Wash your items in a large, front-load washing machine. Use Nikwax Down Wash soap in lukewarm water. Pretreat especially soiled areas such as cuffs by scrubbing them with a soft brush and a small amount of extra soap. 
    • SQUEEZE - If you use a top-loading machine, you will find that the down item serenely floats on top of the water because the high thread count fabric is nearly waterproof. Front-loading washing machines usually don't have this problem, but check the initial washing process to make sure. Squeeze the wash water through the fabric to saturate the down clusters and continue washing.
    • RINSE - Thoroughly rinse your down item. Otherwise the goose down could be coated with soap residue and come out of the dryer flat and matted instead of light and fluffy.
    • DRY - Dry on low-to-medium heat for several hours. Every thirty minutes or so, remove your item, lay it on a flat surface, and vigorously pat out any clumps. Then, return it to the dryer and dry it some more. Insider's tip: Add clean tennis balls to the dryer when the item is about three-quarters dry to help beat out the clumps.
    • DRY SOME MORE - Run your item in the dryer for a little longer than you think necessary. Even though the fabric may feel dry to the touch, the center goose down can still be damp. Then what happens? The goose down will mildew from the inside out and you will see tiny black spots on the surface of the fabric. Disgusting. You do not want this to happen.