Product Care

Down comforter with colorful pillows stacked on top
All About Down® Products Provide Years of Comfort

Refresh and renew your down comforters and pillows by mailing them to our expert environmentally-friendly, chemical and fragrance-free washing service. Send them every two to three years, or more often if you have allergies or if they becomes soiled.         
     Be cautious about sending your valued down items elsewhere for cleaning. Other establishments may not know as much as we do about natural methods of cleaning goose down products.

Down Comforters
  • Protect your down comforter by always using it in an All About Down® duvet cover. This safeguards the down-proof fabric from becoming soiled and embrittled from the natural acidity of your skin.
  • Do like the Europeans do…refresh your down comforter by occasionally airing it outside. Leave it in its duvet cover to protect it from sunlight and other mishaps...we’re looking at you, bird.
Down Plumule
Don’t stow your down comforter in a closed plastic bag. This can trap residual moisture and provide a perfect environment for mildew to grow. Instead, store a down comforter loosely folded. Repeatedly compressing the down permanently damages its delicate three-dimensional structure. 
    Down Pillows
    Keep two All About Down® pillow protectors on your pillow at all times for maximum protection. One pillow protector is not enough. If you think that it is, find a pillow used for years with a single pillow protector and you will be convinced.
    Duvet Covers and Sheets
    Extend the life of your bed linens by having two...three is even better...sets of bed linens per bed. To distribute the wear, use your sheets and duvet covers in rotation: one set on your bed, one set in your cupboard and one set in the wash.
    • Machine wash your linens in cold or warm water on gentle cycle to reduce shrinkage and wrinkling. Pre-treat stains by flushing with water and dabbing with a natural detergent. Keep the original colors bright by washing dark and light colors separately.
    • After washing, untangle your sheets and duvet covers before putting them in a dryer set on medium heat. No need for dryer sheets. They coat the cotton fabric with chemicals, altering its natural softness.
    • Smooth and fold sheets and duvet covers while they are still warm from the dryer to minimize wrinkles.
    • Alternatively, remove sheets and duvet covers from the dryer while they are slightly damp and hang to dry. This gives the fabric a slightly crisper feel.
    • If ironing your sheets, make sure your steam iron doesn’t have mineral deposits that can cause spotting. Use a warm-hot setting and pre-spray stubborn wrinkles with water. Question: does anyone iron anymore?